2022 Oxi Courage Award recipient Masih Alinejad named one of TIME’s Women of the Year


WASHINGTON, DC, March 2, 2023 — Today, TIME Magazine named 2022 Oxi Courage Award recipient Masih Alinejad one of its Women of the Year. Alinejad, the exiled Iranian dissident and journalist who has been the face of her country’s revolution on social media, was one of only 12 women in the world to receive this distinction.

In December, TIME named the Women of Iran as Heroes of the Year.

Alinejad again left her FBI safe house, where she lives with her husband and son, to appear at TIME’s studio in New York. She continues to speak out against the Iranian regime, despite numerous threats to her life, and uses her social media platforms to give voice to the women of Iran.

Alinejad joins many previous Courage Award recipients who have received similar distinction from TIME.

These remarkable individuals include: Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (2022 Oxi Courage Award recipient and 2022 TIME Person of the Year), Filipino-American journalist and Nobel Peace laureate Maria Ressa (2019 Oxi Courage Award recipient and 2018 Time Person of the Year), Washington Post columnist and critic of Saudi Arabia’s government Jamal Khashogghi (2019 Oxi Courage Award recipient and 2018 Time Person of the Year), President Joe Biden (2016 Oxi Courage Award recipient and 2020 TIME Person of the Year), among others who have been named to TIME’s prestigious annual 100 list.

To watch Alinejad’s moving remarks from the 2022 Oxi Courage Awards, please click here.

To watch Alinejad’s TIME 2023 Women of the Year profile, please click here.

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