Remembering Greatest Generation Honorees on the 80th Anniversary of US entry into WWII


WASHINGTON, DC, December 7, 2021 – On the 80th anniversary of the attack that sent the United States into World War II, the Washington Oxi Day Foundation remembers those of the Greatest Generation who we have had the privilege to honor at our annual Oxi Service Awards in Washington, DC.  The very first such honoree was former US Senator and war hero Robert Dole who passed away two days ago.

(L-R): Tom Korologos, Senator Bob Dole, Andy Athens
(L-R): George Sakellaris, Senator Bob Dole, Panagiotis Sakellaris, Arthur Sakellaris

Every year for the last 11 years, at a moving ceremony at the beautiful National WWII Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC, we have honored those who risked their lives to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.  Our honorees have included Greek-Americans, Americans and Greeks.  In recent years, the Service Awards have also honored heroes who served in the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Efthemios J. “Tim” Bentas and Lt. General Andrew Poppas

A full list of those WWII veterans that our Foundation has had the privilege to honor is below:

2021    Efthemios J. “Tim” Bentas
2020    Andrew Mousalimas
2019    Alex Spanos (father of Dean Spanos)
2018    Alexander Martin Georgiades
2017    George Possas
2016    George Stavridis (father of Admiral James Stavridis)
2015    James Moshovitis
2014    Nicholas J. and Sam Bouras
2013    Christopher Mehiel (father of Dennis Mehiel)
2012    Mike P. Cokinos (father of Chris and Maria Pappas)
2011    Andrew A. Athens

2018    Celestino Almeda (nominated by Senator Dole)
2017    Senator Daniel Inouye
2016    Senator Ted Stevens
2015    Senator and Astronaut John Glenn
2014    Congressman Ralph Hall
2013    Congressman John Dingell
2012    Congressman Ben Gilman
2011    Senator Bob Dole

2018    Theodoros Lymberakis
2017    Eleftheris Smirniotopoulos
2016    Dimitrios Itsios
2015    George Douratsos
2014    Ioannis Toumbas
2013    Konstantinos Korkos
2012    Antonios Kounalakis (father of Markos Kounalakis)
2011    Panagiotis Sakellaris (father of George Sakellaris)

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