Reactions from the 10th Annual Oxi Courage and Service Awards


WASHINGTON, DC, November 16 – We are proud to share some of the feedback we received about our 10th Annual Oxi Courage and Service Awards on October 28.

Want to see what the praise is all about?  Watch a recording of the program here:


Overall Praise

  • “What an amazing – moving – heartwarming – powerful event – bravo to all ????”
  • Knocked it out of the park…again. Seamless.”
  • “An absolutely incredible celebration, especially in these times of the pandemic – you were able to produce a heartfelt, emotional, and educational event.”
  • Every note was perfectly struck. Great work.”
  • “What a superb performance, by all. Extremely well done. CONGRATULATIONS!”
  • “I wanted to tell you how amazing it was and yes, you had me crying…tears of pride and joy.”
  • “Huge congratulations. Brilliant!”
  • “Wow. That was VERY meaningful. Just excellent. Loved, loved the stories, the presenters, the whole explanation of what Oxi means.”

Our Best Yet?

  • “Every year I write to applaud you for putting on the best Oxi Day Foundation event. With this, you really outdid yourselves.”
  • “We were in awe of the presentation and the deep meaning behind it. Your best yet, despite living in times of COVID.”
  • You have produced great programs in the past, but this one was truly unique and reached across political, national and ethnic issues.”

Watched Every Minute

  • “a beautifully orchestrated event.  I watched it live from start-to-finish
  • “I thought I would be able to just keep the video going on one side of my screen, but I ended up watching the entire event (live) on the full screen from start to finish.” 
  • “Congratulations. That was an amazing program. Worth every minute of the 1.5 hour of my work day sacrificed.”

Not Your Average Virtual Event

  • “To be honest, I was a little concerned that with a virtual event, the same emotions would not be evoked. However, the entire event was extremely moving. It was so engaging.” 
  • “Congrats to you for a beautiful event, well done and well put together, especially given all the restraints of the times.”
  • It was PHENOMENAL!! The entire presentation was like watching a Hollywood production… Congratulations! The footage, stories, commentaries were inspirational.”
  • “Congrats on such a wonderfully produced and seamlessly run event. Many touching moments.”
  • “It was organized so well. It went seamlessly and there were many touching moments. Very impressive.”

Praise for Our Mission

  • You have given an amazing gift to our culture here in America, but beyond to so many struggling in this world. There are people I need to share it with and to encourage to support this important mission.”
  • “I was in awe of the Foundation and the work you do before I had the opportunity to be a part of [the Courage and Service Awards].   Now I am speechless.”
  • “I have shared this with many others including students that became aware of these issues and of the Oxi Day Foundation’s great work!”
  • “Congratulations to all of you for inspiring and educating everyone, both Greek and Non Greek alike.”
  • Thank God you had the vision to create this Foundation.”
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